Emma and Marc

Rehabilitating an estate in the heart of Gràcia

Emma and Marc’s house is like them: cosmopolitan and full of personality. Lights and shadows strategically illuminate the corners, unpredictable volumes give coherence to the whole. Stories behind each object, after each election have made rehabilitating a property like yours become a little human story. Bright and full of details and stories, their home is a reflection of their professions, art and architecture, and is also a sign of the ability of some people to value the new and the old, organic and inorganic, in a dance of objects and spaces difficult to imitate.

“When we firts came to see the house, I didn’t see the project… There were traces of the previous uses, it was broken and smelled really bad, but Marc saw it clearly from the beginning,” said Emma talking about the vision of her husband when designing an architectural project that saves the main handicaps of a farm restored in the center of a city like Barcelona: the noteworthy distribution of light and privacy. Always looking for customizing every detail, GREEK Interiorismo Barcelona was responsible for the work, shaping some of the original features of the project such as the suspended metal staircase or fireplace made of iron gross plates. Marc, an architect, worked with the collaboration of Lluis Corbella and the technical architect Miguel-Angel Perez.

With their three children, they moved from Paris to Barcelona ten years ago, looking for tranquility in Barcelona but also, the cosmopolitanism and multiculturalism of this Mediterranean capital. “We love living in the neighborhood of Gràcia, but we love, above all, that we have found tranquility in our quiet house, while still remaining in the center of the city” she explained to us before we observed a rustic coffee table. Do you see that wood? It is a gift of GREEK. It is a beam that Javier saved for us. ”