Pablo Llorens and Josefina García

A clinic with a heart

Greek undertook the project of the Clínica Dental Turó that dentists Pablo Llorens and Josefina García were to establish in Santiago de Chile with the premise that it should not resemble a traditional medical space: “Before anything, we wanted to visit and do some research because in Chile design was not an issue, people only think about functionality. We went into the Greek premises because we were attracted by their window display, and we liked what we saw in their showroom. From the first moment on we got along very well with Carolina del Río. She did not have any experience with dental clinics, but took over the project with conviction once we told her about the research and innovation approach we wanted for the centre, as well as the obvious human touch.

Our main wish was for it not to look like your usual clinic, and for it to have a heart, and now we are really happy to have achieved it. The curved lines create a cosy space, the warmth of the wood adds to that feeling as well. We got very much involved in the creative process and that is when Carolina blew our minds completely: boxes to one side, waiting room to the other… Explaining perfectly the reason for each design and meeting the project’s needs rather than granting our wishes as if we were children. The result is that we have a clinic that resembles more of a sculpture. The impeccable professionalism together with the friendly service and the chance of being listened-to has left us with a feeling of total satisfaction.”

Design: Carolina del Río
Photography: Elisenda Fontarnau
Surface: 160sqm
Location: Santiago de Chile

Project keys

While the exterior architecture appears as rectangular, the interior hides a spectacular curvy experience. Thanks to the dynamism of the space, visitors have the opportunity to cross perspectives that overlap, turn around or change direction, and these amplify their interactive experience with space. The curved sequences generate a feeling of surprise that is simply non-existent in a typical octagonal distribution.