A silent kitchen

A pulley system to hide the wash area

On the island of Menorca we undertook the project of this kitchen with one condition only: that it was completely hidden, a silent kitchen that would not reveal itself, but still looked onto the adjoining open plan living and dining rooms. It was in the house of Miguel Ángel Apeztegia and Sandra Díaz, an architect couple who considered the kitchen as the most important space in the house, but who at the same time was trying to confer an air of discretion upon it. In this way, a structure consisting of two perfect boxes hiding their contents was devised so that from any adjacent spaces their possibilities could not be seen, but suggested only.

The challenge was to hide the wash area, which had to be disguised so that it took the minimum space possible from the working area. The design solution came in the form of a garage-style door with a weight and pulley system that opens very easily and effortlessly.

Thinking about installing as well further storage space around the cooking area, the high cabinets were suspended from the roof beam using special metallic pieces. Keeping up with the idea of hiding the appliances as much as possible, the microwave access was installed within the recess, and the oven was located low so that it would not be visible from the dining room area. Bulthaup’s b3 system, with laminated granite and alpine white finishing, was used to solve the furniture.