Designing a kitchen on the terrace

A new space overlooking the city

Designing a kitchen on the terrace in Barcelona is to create an oasis of fresh air in the middle of the city. A functional space as inviting as prepared for long afternoons of sun … And rain, with the choice of materials resistant and waterproof as fundamental keys. With the material protected by a steel plate , the secrets of this kitchen designed by Vertex are as precious as the good times around it.

On the ground, a wooden carpet delimiting the central area of ​​the table with the rest of the terrace providing warmth to the exterior stone. On the roof, more wood protects the diners from the sun thanks to the fixed plates that allow light to pass without disturbing anyone and creating a intimacy feeling. A design to filter the sun and not disturb owners.

With the table as the main character of the space next to the seating area in wood and leather, the cooking area is on the wall of the pergola part that divide the space of a communal courtyard annexed. It is in this area that concentrates the essence of design a kitchen on the terrace: a worktop in black Zimbauwe that hold up the plates to cook covered by steel just to protect them from the weather. The design, fully functional, is completed by a refrigerator-freezer and dishwasher.

The result is a new space, a terrace in Barcelona, with intimacy. A place to enjoy the view with a glass of wine.

Photograph: Gonzalo Höhr.