Discreet open plan kitchen

A space to contemplate art

The design for this kitchen was outlined thinking about its integration into the whole architecture of the flat. Thus, bearing very much in mind architect Damián Ribas’ project for the rest of the house and the client’s taste and involvement with art collecting and consulting, an open plan kitchen and living room was devised in order to turn this pairing into the centre of family and social life. Following sober and minimal guidelines, a functional distribution, combining white matte enamel on the perimeter with stainless steel on the column unit and the majestic centre island, topped by a made-to-measure solid wooden counter that establishes a dialogue with the parquet flooring.

The cooking area with full surface induction cooktop by Gaggenau and teppanyaki faces the wall to allow for a better direction of fumes and odours towards the integrated ceiling hood, guaranteeing full discretion in the food preparation process. The front panel is covered with Corian for easier cleaning and the dishwasher is placed in the main wash area. The island has a secondary backup water point.

In the column unit, hidden from the living room, refrigerators, ovens and a wine preserver make up the main appliances; the small ones are hidden behind a set of blinds set up as a kitchenette, next to the cooktop. In this way, with the island on its own and the clear purpose of optimising space in mind, the kitchen is imbued with a certain museum air totally in harmony with the style of the person inhabiting the house. This is how Vertex’s work culminates each project, signifying people and their interests, thinking about every detail and putting all its experience and mastery at the disposal of the client’s needs.