Reforming an office with garden

Between nature and the urban space


Reforming an office with garden in Barcelona can offer endless creative possibilities. Since opening new spaces for incoming light or create authentic murals greenery, enjoying an outdoor kitchen where you can rest and socialize with the coworkers; anything is possible when it comes to create a comfortable working space integrated with nature.

In one of our recent projects for professional spaces, we start from the first building, a house dating from the sixties, to update it to the needs of an office of XXI century. Large doses of light and the opportunity to be surrounded by vegetation mark the personality of a workplace where common and individual offices are opened to light.

On the outside, in the place of the pool, was done a kitchen for breakfast and lunch staff. White color floods a perfect space for a break where you can also do informal meetings, even at the outside tables. The kitchen garden was reformed to become in much more than a cosmetic change: to create a rest area and to consolidate relations between partners. Can anyone ask for more?