Rehabilitate an old building in Barcelona

A staircase as a light source

Streets and corners, angles of light to hide stories. Rehabilitate an old building in Barcelona means addressing some of the characteristic features of any European city center. The narrow streets, the complex maps are converted to a studio with great challenges to overcome. In this interior design in Barcelona we have worked on a house in the charismatic neighborhood of Gràcia trying to create a project with personality.

Among our main challenges was addressing the verticality of the original building with little light on the lower floors and need privacy from the street, especially on the ground floor. After demolishing the interior structure, we designed a white staircase with glass floor that serves as inner courtyard, illuminating the entire space and communicating the three resulting plants by light and geometric lines.

To get more space, it was decided to install a kind of movable walls, actually sliding doors that allow closing the bedrooms on the ground floor and first floor allowing more or less intimacy at different times. Thus, the living room is extended to two spaces and two levels getting that the rehabilitation of an old building in Barcelona with light airy rooms. In addition, by leveraging the large exterior windows, it is possible to enjoy hundred percent of the change of tone that the house takes as it passes the day.

On the upper floor, connected to the main building, a second lounge was installed on the end of a compact sleek kitchen one hundred percent GREEK Barcelona Kitchen. White doors, a cupboard and water area facing the lounge also in rigorous white, sealed with a contemporary twist space and fit perfectly with the light and flooded the floor and is a prelude to the upper terrace, designed to enjoy the sun and shade without sacrificing privacy.

Photograph: Gonzalo Höhr.
Location: Barcelona.