Rehabilitate an estate in the center of Barcelona

Complete refurbishment of an old building

Making a comprehensive reform of an old building is always a challenge. Especially when it comes to rehabilitating an estate whose previous use was a stable. This was the case of one of the projects that Vertex has most enjoyed due to the huge versatility and great personality of their owners. With French architect Marc Mazeres, responsible for the work and owner, Vertex conducting the whole rehabilitation and construction process of certain objects and architectural solutions.

“We wanted a contrast between materials. Stone, metal, brick, wood beams… The house has a very strong rhythm”explains Mazeres while showing us the 270 square meters of a project in which the brightness and the rooms at different heights are perfectly balanced. “The light was the main challenge of the work, I went different times of day during several months to understand how I could direct it through the volumes.”

“We wanted to show that the structure works and that people could see how everything happens,” he says when explaining how the rehabilitation of the estate shows the old and the new beams, or how the metal structure in certain rooms like the kitchen or main bedroom. Hand in hand with Mazeres to define every detail, Vertex was committed creatively in this rehabilitation project shaping solutions, such as an almost suspended metal staircase, a fireplace made of raw iron plates, or the lights in the small bathrooms.