Reorganization of a family apartment in the city

Looking for light

The remodeling of this apartment in the Eixample area of Barcelona was raised from the beginning with a clear goal: to make the concentrated light at the end of the house, reach the entire floor. Now the light is present in all the flat and you can see an open space that was previously closed.

Following that same intentionality, white and neutral spaces were thought to absorb the light that enters through the window of the room, and to break with the cold of the white and the concrete of the pillars that were conserved to act also as a decorative element, Vertex installed the wooden pavement.

The kitchen Mobalco (white IRIS model of and work counter in Silestone Blanco Zeus), is an open space, to share rooms, so that family members share more time together and there are no barriers. In the bathroom, the same criterion was applied: a clean white space, broken by the wooden furniture. A part of the bathroom with a false ceiling that has a spoiler, where the general light is integrated.