Semi-open kitchen in the center of Barcelona

A Nordic style solution

For this kitchen it was suggested that it should be opened to the living room in an original way and adapted to the needs of the family. In this sense, Vertex designed a semi-open kitchen space, creating an opening in the wall that separates the living room from the kitchen to turn it into a kitchen window, and also through the two sliding doors.

The kitchen is without handles and the finish is in white lacquer, with work top in Silestone Blanco Zeus mate. It is very neutral and 100% functional style, where the pass-plates and the furniture of the coffee-maker area were designed in light wood, providing warmth, but without being too invasive. The prolongation of the island in bar-table gives you this double game of combining the preparation area and the eating area, where you can enjoy what is prepared. In short, it is a space created to share with family and friends, where you can mix and live both the cooked, as the time of breakfast, lunch or dinner. A kitchen to be lived, very Vertex style.